Narrow Widths
Narrow are sometimes called Slim o European Sizes.

Standard Widths (Normal)
Standard are considered a Medium/Normal/Standard size.

Wide Widths
Wide is considered a Wide width

How To Determine If You Need Wide Width Shoes

If you frequently try on shoes that fit great length-wise but feel cramped in the sides, it’s a pretty clear sign you may need wide width shoes. Moving to a longer length shoe is a common band-aid fix. It will give you a bit of extra width, but it will be a clumsy fit with extra space in either the heel or the toe box

How to take the exact measurement of your foot without making a mistake?

If you want to choose the correct size in Nataly Mendez Shoes, please measure your foot according to our measurement guide attached here. 


Size according to measurement:

34: 22.5 CM
35: 23 CM
36: 23.5 CM
37: 24 CM
38: 25 CM
39: 25.5 CM
40: 26 CM
41: 26.5 CM

Extra Tips:

• Trace the edge of the foot with a single solid line.
• Avoid making double strokes around the foot.
• Draw the lines parallel to the edge of the blade.
• Take the measurement from 0 and not from 1


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