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Nataly Carolina Mendez Rondón,  our designer , she is Venezuelan (born May 31, 1984) and also one of the founders of the most important brand of handmade shoes in Venezuela, called Luna Shoes World, which launched its first line of shoes in May 2013. It is currently known for its unconventional designs, intertwined fabrics, and for its exuberant form of mixing traditional techniques with contemporary designs.

Mendez, in her childhood, was a follower of fashion, so much so that since she was 6 years old she made dresses for her own dolls. She was always attracted to mathematics, so when she finished school, she attended the School of Electronics Engineering Mention Telecommunications. When she graduated, she worked for 7 years in projects of public works of the Zulia state, but later, realizing that she wanted to create her own brand of shoes, she knew that he had to prepare to undertake that project. That is when Mendez studied for her master’s degree in Industrial Project Management at the Rafael Belloso Chacín University in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and began her career as a Designer.

After 5 years working for Luna Shoes World, in 2018 he decides to change the course of her life and moves to the United States and begins to develop hes line of exclusive shoes Nataly Mendez.

Nataly Mendez is located in the United States, with distribution in Florida, and online store throughout USA.
Manufactured in Colombia, and born of the need to cover the expectations of those women who seek exclusivity and quality when dressing. Offering a balance between classic, modern and exclusive.